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Now you can buy the house from Scarface (well... probably not you, but someone)

In what may be the most impressive bit of Scarface memorabilia to ever hit the market—indeed, even more so than your autographed Al Pacino 8x10 framed with a replica gun—the mansion used during the filming of the 1983 film is now up for sale, according to the Wall Street Journal. The house was used only for exterior scenes, which should come as a relief to anyone who saw Scarface and what happened to its interior, but several pivotal moments still took place against the backdrop of its “Persian-style” gardens, fountains, and reflecting pools, including those scenes where Tony Montana did a lot of drugs and killed people, and scenes where he just talked about it.

The estate, known as “El Fureidis” (Spanish for “The House Where Scarface Was At”), is located in Montecito, California, rather than Florida, thus upping its value considerably. Among its features worthy of drug lord excess are a dining room topped by “a barreled ceiling, painted in 24-carat gold leaf, that depicts a scene of Alexander the Great conquering Persepolis,” as well as another 18-foot-high domed ceiling that tops its Byzantine-style “conversation room,” where you can sit and have conversations about Scarface.


The home is currently going for $35 million and whoops, a rapper probably just bought it, so never mind.

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