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Now you can buy the Big Lebowski bungalow

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Members of that rare cross-section of society inhabited by Big Lebowski fanatics who are also fabulously wealthy now have a new potential object of their obsession, one that is both far more desirable and way, way more expensive than Jeff Bridges’ Method-soaked sweater. The Venice Beach bungalow where The Dude abided—and yes, L.A. Weekly already made a “The Dude’s Abode” joke—is now on the market at the very un-Dude, find-a-stranger-in-the-Alps price of $2.3 million, though that’s for the entire compound of six one-room units, including the one room made famous in the Coen Brothers’ film. For that figure, you not only get a rentable property with a major piece of film history, but also a recently upgraded complex that boasts a “lushly landscaped gated courtyard,” plus constant visits from tourists stopping by to take pictures on your porch then knock on the door and ask if The Dude is home and if so can they pee on his rug. But we bet that room really ties the room together, which is sort of like that thing they say in the thing there. [via Movieline]


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