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Now you can add a life-size Batfleck to your collection of terrifying movie toys

For the superhero fanatic who has everything but a seven-foot statue of Ben Affleck in a protective exoskeleton looming over them while they sleep, Hot Toys is now releasing the Life-Size Armored Batman Collectible. The enormous figure has been painstakingly designed to serve as an exact replica of vigilante billionaire Bruce Wayne in full combat gear as he’ll appear in Zach Snyder’s upcoming cinematic behemoth Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It features a meticulously crafted sculpture of Affleck’s mouth scowling inside a battle-scarred armored version of the Batsuit, complete with a flowing black cape and light-up eyes.

This is a no-screwing-around piece of movie memorabilia: While we’ve seen shadowy images of Batman’s Superman-fighting suit from recent trailers, this really gives us a chance to look it over in fine detail, showing just how much Snyder’s team is borrowing from Frank Miller’s conception of the wearied hero from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. If that’s a little too much toy superhero for you, you might want to check out their similarly detailed version made to one-sixth scale. And if it’s not enough, don’t worry: This is just the first item in the Hong Kong-based company’s planned “Life-Size Masterpiece Series.”


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