Celebrities look better than mere mortals; it’s a known fact. There are a lot of reasons: bone structure, make-up, those magical rays emitted by TV and movie cameras that erode wrinkles and re-twinkle eyes. But a big part of a star’s appeal is the clothing, and the people who pick it out for them.

Well, now you can have by-proxy access to those same costumers, thanks to Twitter account/blog @styleonscreen. Send them a tweet asking about a piece of clothing you saw someone famous wearing, and the blog’s researchers will investigate, reaching out to the production companies and clothing companies to find the item. Then, they’ll give you a link to where you can spend hundreds of dollars to purchase the items, in the vain hope that it’ll look as good on you as it does on, say, Beyoncé.


Is this service in some ways a hideous double-headed vampire monster, filling you with a desperate, futile need to look as pretty as the magical people on the screen, and then draining your wallet in a fool’s errand to achieve that look? Sure. But where else are you going to find out where to get that kickass blue leaf dress Mindy Kaling was wearing last month on The Mindy Project?