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Now Tom Haverford can scientifically determine if a song is a banger

Sometimes it’s hard to know if, scientifically, a song is really a banger. Sure, Parks And Recreation’s Tom Haverford has laid out some guidelines—“beats per minute, number and dopeness of drops, and a complete absence of acoustic instruments”—but it’s so hard to judge those relatively flexible categories yourself. If only there were some computerized way to decide.

As it turns out, there is. A 19-year-old Utah developer named Derek Dapp has created IsItABangr, a website that’ll tell you whether any given song is, in fact, a banger. It uses Echonest, an audio fingerprinting system that works with companies like Spotify to craft custom radio stations.


Some bangin’ examples are below, but a couple of minutes messing around on IsItABangr will generally yield some interesting results.

[via Motherboard]


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