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Now those final two Breaking Bad episodes will be extra long as well as extra crazy

For those who are still struggling with saying goodbye to Breaking Bad, AMC has offered a slight salve in the form of Low Winter Sun, which is every bit as good as Breaking Bad. Check it out, right after Breaking Bad! It’s dark and gritty and has a bald guy! But also, the final two episodes of the series have now been confirmed to run “extra long”—a full 75 minutes apiece, counting commercials and Chris Hardwick hashtagging everything, as opposed to the usual 55. Producer Peter Gould shared the news on Twitter, affirming what showrunner Vince Gilligan had hinted at last month, when he told HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall they’d had some “overruns” of about six minutes apiece in those final two episodes. Now those extra minutes will sit comfortably inside nearly a full hour of actual showtime, allowing for plenty of extra craziness plus extra commercials. Plus maybe a few extra scenes interspersed within Low Winter Sun, which, again, airs right after Breaking Bad. #LowWinterSun #GrittyBaldGuy


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