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To promote the comprehensive 43-disc Bob Dylan box set The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1, a music video for Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” has finally been produced. Designed as an interactive television set for channel surfing, each video channel features a different network style, from cooking, finance, and home shopping, to sports and game shows, with actors lip-synching along to Dylan’s classic song. Starting with a video of Dylan playing the song live in the '60s, users can flip through the channels however they please, creating an entirely unique video experienced in a different way each time depending on how a user scans through the channels. Celebrity cameos include Drew Carey on the set of The Price Is Right, Marc Maron podcasting in his garage, and anchor Steve Levy on the set of ESPN’s SportsCenter. Other channels feature Danny Brown singing on the street while munching on a bunch of different food, talking heads on a History Channel documentary about the Great Depression, a Bachelor-esque reality show, the Pawn Stars guys, and the stars of HGTV’s Property Brothers. None of the videos are that flashy, but the whole experience emphasizes how engrained the song has become in American culture.


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