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Now there's a Muzzy program for kids who want to learn Dothraki

Ask any Mother Of Dragons: Dothraki can be a hard language to learn. Thankfully, the fine people over at Nacho Punch have put together (fictionally, at least) a new Muzzy program and infomercial for those looking to speak the guttural tongue. The shot-for-shot recreation of the original Muzzy commercials is pretty damn hilarious, with an awkwardly perky and bewigged woman urging children to learn not only Dothraki, but also Valyrian, White Walker, and Hodor. (“Hodor!”) The kids in the clip don’t quite have the joie de vivre that the original French-speaking youngsters did, but that’s probably okay. It doesn’t look like Dothraki kids have much time for fun and games, anyway. [via Nerdist]

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