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Now there will be a live-action Barbie movie

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Sony Pictures and Mattel, apparently inspired by the Aqua song, have made a deal to produce a live-action comedy around Mattel’s iconic Barbie dolls.

Considering that Barbie, if she were human-sized, would have no room for a whole liver in her petite 16-inch waist—and would be so frail that she’d be unable to walk or lift her head—it’s likely Sony will be taking some creative liberties with the the doll when it comes to casting her. According to Deadline, the studio will be looking for an as-yet unknown young actress to play the lead.

Ken will also star. Skipper may also star, though she will not be permitted to wear high heels. And despite what every 3-year-old we know does with Barbies as soon as they see them, it’s doubtful the Barbie film will feature forced stripping, prison-style hair-chopping, or decapitation. (Though that could be funny.)


Deadline adds that Mattel has long resisted Barbie film ideas, but that Sony approached Mattel with the idea of creating a “contemporary” story for her, Ken, and the rest of her friends. Specifically, it plays off of Barbie’s many professions, with Barbie playing a Mary Poppins-like figure who enters other people’s lives and improves them. Jenny Bicks, whose writing credits include Sex And The City, The Big C, and What A Girl Wants, will handle the script. The goal is to aim for both young girls who currently play with Barbies and women who grew up playing with the dolls.

Sony’s hopes with the Mattel line is to fashion this first Barbie movie into a franchise, much like Warner Bros.’ similar The Lego Movie. Seeing as this news comes on the heels of two announcements regarding movies based on other nostalgic childhood properties, It’s A Small World and Peeps, Sony definitely isn’t the only studio to have that thought.

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