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It hasn’t been Scott Stapp’s year. The notoriously troubled Creed singer—whose history includes admitted suicide attempts, sex tapes featuring Kid Rock, and onstage drunkenness that led to fan-led lawsuits—has been in slow-motion meltdown mode for the last couple of months. He’s released rambling Facebook videos, is being investigated by the Secret Service for alleged threats against President Obama, and been served with divorce papers by his wife, who was recently granted sole custody of their children. Through it all, Stapp has maintained that he is not on drugs and that he’s mentally healthy. But a series of phone recordings released by TMZ should remove any doubt that Stapp is deranged, and probably a danger to himself: They reveal 911 calls with stories about him being chased by assassins, a call to his son’s school claiming that the ISIS threat has something to do with his family, and even a frustrating moment in which he tries to report that his truck was stolen (by his wife). He claims in a recent Facebook post—since removed—that a mental-health/drug-treatment facility is preparing papers that will declare him fit, and that he’ll release them to the media soon. Here’s hoping this story takes a turn away from the cliff it seems to be heading toward.


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