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Now there’s also a Game Of Thrones wine

The Game Of Thrones beer has been around for a while now, and according to The A.V. Club staff it’s pretty good, if not especially dragon-flavored. But because not everyone likes beer—probably because it makes them gassy—and because everyone in Westeros drinks wine anyway, a Game Of Thrones wine is long overdue. Enter the Australian ad agency Common Ventures, which recently announced that it is producing a whole line of unofficial Game Of Thrones wines. (“Unofficial” because the project is not officially endorsed by George R. R. Martin or the show; on its website, Common Ventures refers to the wine as “fan made” and adds, “We made it because we love the show. Hopefully you do too.”)

Varieties are inspired by the noble houses of Westeros and beyond: House Arryn gets a sauvignon blanc that’ll make you dizzier than looking through the moon door. House Martell is a lusty cabernet. And House Lannister has a pinot noir as black as Cersei’s heart. Bottles are available for pre-order on The Wines of Westeros website; however, they won’t launch until the show’s season five premiere next year, making this just another Game Of Thrones thing you have to wait for.


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