Technology continues to pull Mystery Science Theater 3000 out of the video-tape-bound dark ages. Today, along with the addition of three newly cleared episodes, Vimeo and Shout! Factory announced the launch of, a website that isn’t YouTube but is nonetheless dedicated to streaming the movie-dismantling riffs of Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo. More than 80 episodes of MST3K can be rented or downloaded from the site, which, despite its commitment to spreading the good word from the Satellite Of Love, is not YouTube. Not to be outdone, YouTube continues to house dozens of MST3K episodes lovingly ripped from their VHS sources, as well as officially licensed uploads like annotated versions of Mitchell and Manos: The Hands Of Fate. The site will also host the 2014 edition of the Turkey Day Marathon, though for a mere $299 (or roughly 20 large sausage-and-mushroom thin crust pizzas from Torgo’s) you can watch those episodes (and many, mayn more) whenever you please through

The new episodes included in the site’s launch take on Jungle Goddess, The Painted Hills, and The Screaming Skull. That third episodes is a particularly appropriate inclusion, as it contains Mike and the Bots’ thorough deconstruction of the technophobic Gumby adventure, “Robot Rumpus.” Please enjoy the following embed of the short, brought to you by a source that might not be, but one that still shares the website’s belief that technology is an overall plus for society (and won’t destroy your home or visit cartoonish violence upon your family).