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Now the Too Many Cooks theme song can get stuck in your head as a chiptune

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Casper Kelly’s Too Many Cooks short. First it began as a 4 a.m. oddity on television caught by a few Adult Swim viewers who probably assumed it was either a fever dream or the beginning of their slow descent into insomnia-induced madness. Then it hit YouTube and quickly became a viral sensation—though still not as viral as the theme song as it works its way into viewers’ brains and stays implanted there for days on end. It’s spread beyond just shares and retweets though; Lars Von Trier’s IMDB page officially credits him for his work as the character “Pie,” and the St. Louis Blues actually played the theme song over the arena’s PA at a recent game.

This means that Too Many Cooks has now entered its the next phase where it will be remade using Legos, twisted into a supercut featuring real sitcom intros will replace the footage, and some college a cappella group somewhere is probably already practicing its rendition of that earworm theme song. But the first salvo in building upon the viral success of Kelly’s work has already been launched, and luckily it’s pretty good. Rush Coil has converted the theme song into a chiptune that would be right at home as the soundtrack for a NES game version of the video. Listen along to the new beat and imagine being able to navigate one of the many characters through an endless maze of the impossible-to-escape credit sequence. One can practically see 8-bit Smarf slowly crawling to his death as he bleeds out on the floor. Not to mention the thrill one would experience playing as fan-favorite character, “Coat.”

[h/t Laughing Squid]


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