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Now the Mark Wahlberg movie Shooter is being turned into a TV show

We're pretty sure this is from Shooter.

The trickiest part of turning a movie into a TV show has to be finding the right movie to start with. It needs to be something good enough that people will want to spend more time in its world, but it can’t be so good that they’ll just prefer to watch the movie again instead. Also, it helps if people have vaguely fond memories of it, like if they remember the movie being OK, but they don’t remember anything else about it. Take Minority Report as an example. It was absolutely not the best movie ever made, but wasn’t that computer screen with the weird hand gestures pretty cool? That would make it a great TV show, according to Fox. See also: School Of Rock, Ghost, The Truman Show, and Shutter Island, all movies that people remember enjoying, and all movies that might become TV shows.

Anyway, Deadline is reporting that the 2007 Mark Wahlberg thriller Shooter is getting a TV show adaptation from TNT. Unlike the other films we mentioned up above, though, this one doesn’t seem to carry the same level of vaguely fond memories as those do. We’re reasonably certain that it did exist, but that’s as far as we can go. Deadline says Shooter was about a U.S. Marine sniper named Bob Lee Swagger—which doesn’t sound like a real name, but we’ll go with it—who gets “coaxed back into action only to be framed for murder.” Wahlberg—who played Bob Swagger in the movie version—is reportedly involved as an executive producer, so hopefully he remembers some pertinent details about it.


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