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Now the Crow remake has lost its director

The Crow

Suggesting that the Crow remake itself is being targeted by an angsty, vengeful ghost dude, the project has now suffered another critical setback, the kind that a lesser movie would probably never be able to come back from. This is the Crow remake, though. It practically eats critical setbacks for breakfast. Even after its star dropped out and the company financing it (Relativity Media) went bankrupt last year, producer Edward Pressman and director Corin Hardy were adamant that filming would still begin this year…but now Hardy is also out. That leaves The Crow without a lead actor, without a director, and with Relativity struggling to get back on its feet after that aforementioned bankruptcy.

This comes from The Wrap, which reports that the decision came from within Relativity. Apparently, the studio “thought it best” that new Relativity head Dana Brunetti not “inherit someone else’s version of The Crow” so he could “reboot the franchise as he sees fit.” That reasoning seems a little strange, especially since you’d think they’d just want to get the reboot out the door as soon as possible at this point, but maybe that’s because the studio is covering up the fact that Hardy was carried off by a guy in white face paint and a trench coat.


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