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Now that Uncle Buck is dead, Mike Epps has a Death Wish

Mike Epps, confirming his appointment with Death. (Photo credit: Ida Mae Astute/Getty)

Now that ABC has snuffed the life from Uncle Buck with a snap of its fingers, it seems Mike Epps might be looking for a chance to exact some payback. Empire reports the comedian and actor has joined the cast of upcoming revenge-thriller remake Death Wish, possibly hoping director Eli Roth might cast a few network execs as cannon fodder in the film. (Of course, maybe Roth has already cast a studio exec in that role as a favor to writer and ex-helmer of the project Joe Carnahan, to help him get some closure with the “gutless turd” and “dumb cunt” who disapproved of Carnahan’s casting choices.)

The film, set to star famed paycheck-casher Bruce Willis, details the story of a grieving father (Willis) who sets out to avenge the violence visited upon his family with a little violence of his own. With Vincent D’Onofrio and Dean Norris set to play Willis’ brother and a detective investigating the crimes, respectively, Epps is stepping in as another friend of Willis’ Paul Kersey. He’ll play Dr. Chris Salgado, “a doctor and playboy who happens to be Kersey’s best friend.” The film is already shooting in Montreal, and set for a 2017 release. Maybe once filming is done, Epps will finally turn his attention to that Richard Pryor biopic that’s supposedly still happening at some point, despite being a clear “eh, maybe we’ll get around to it someday” priority for studios since 2012.


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