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Potentially answering one of the great questions of our TV-viewing generation—does it stand for ladles? Lentils? A little lagniappe?—Showtime announced today that it’s bringing back its celebrated LGBTQ+-focused drama The L-Word for a revival season. Per Variety, the series has managed to lure back stars Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig, and Leisha Hailey for the new series, although there’s no word yet on whether co-stars Laurel Holloman or Pam Grier will be joining them as well. (Mia Kirshner also wasn’t mentioned, but that’s somewhat less surprising, given her character’s fate in the show’s final year.)


Marja-Lewis Ryan—whose credits include last year’s 6 Balloons, which saw Dave Franco and Abbi Jacobson dipping their toes into the world of drama for once—will serve as the new series’ showrunner. Original creator Ilene Chaiken is also on hand, presumably to serve as the mystical keeper for whatever the hell the L-Word actually is. Love? Lesbians? Luxembourg?


The series will go into production this summer, and re-premiere some time before the ending of the year.

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