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Now that our brains are completely broken, here's Taylor Swift outfits as Mueller report redactions

Photo: Eric Baradat (Getty Images)

Now that the Mueller report is publicly available and America has collectively agreed that everything about its process was completely fine and Donald Trump is now a good president, the nation has had to find new ways to focus its energy—like, say, comparing the black-barred redactions covering the report’s white pages with different outfits Taylor Swift has worn in the past.


In a thread created by Twitter user Capital J, a fine selection of Swift photos are put next to the inked-up pages of the investigation, helping us celebrate this happy new era, free of all concerns, that the country has now entered. Here we see Swift in all-black, smiling because she’s one of many Americans who takes great comfort in the knowledge that authorities have covered up any information that may bring her back to the bad old days of worrying that her president isn’t a good leader.

Later in the thread, Swift is shown wearing lighter colors meant to highlight the report pages that contain reassuring passages like Trump’s “This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked.” quote from when he heard Mueller was leading the investigation.


This thread isn’t Swiftian satire, it’s just something to use up some of the newly found mental energy America has recovered after learning, thanks to Mueller’s thorough report, that everything is cool now. In the same vein, NPR’s Danny Nett has joined in the celebrations by bringing us a thread of other celebrities wearing clothes that look like redactions. His effort is international, clearly showing that it isn’t just Americans who are great at becoming visual representations of the report that ensured equality, justice, and functionality have returned to the world’s dominant superpower.


So, yes, everything is good now. There is no reason to worry any longer. American politics are doing well and the country is being run by someone everyone can trust completely. Now to sit back, relax, and look forward to enjoying this Sunday’s Game Of Thrones with a renewed faith in the nation’s highest office.


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