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Now Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison can give you directions

Waze, the hippest turn-by-turn directions app since probably ever, has just added another name to its list of celebrity directions-givers: Tom Mison, the actor who plays Ichabod Crane on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. Presumably, his directions involve a lot of spooky historical mysteries, warnings about the Headless Horseman, and just a general sense of him being totally confused by the whole process. Crane is a few hundred years old, after all. Back in his day, most GPS apps were simply burned at the stake.

As we reported back in September, the app also features the voices of Kevin Hart and Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Terry Crews. Variety says the Ichabod Crane voice is part of a “Halloween-themed marketing promotion” that runs through October 31, so his voice will probably no longer be available after that. Drivers looking to celebrate the holiday and also help support the Fox network can access the voice by opening the app, going to “Settings,” then “Sound,” and selecting “English (US)—Ichabod.” For a special Halloween treat, use the Ichabod Crane voice to get directions to Sleepy Hollow, New York—the setting for Washington Irving’s original story. Or, for a Halloween treat that’s a little less special, use the Crane voice to get directions to Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, a town that just decided it was a cool name.


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