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Sinead O’Connor is now threatening to sue Miley Cyrus, just a day after she wrote her a motherly letter full of sage musical and personal advice. In yet another letter posted to her Facebook yesterday, O’Connor took Cyrus to task for throwing shade on the Irishwoman’s mental health and stability. O’Connor warns Cyrus, “Taking me on is even more fuckin’ stupid than behaving like a prostitute and calling it feminism.” She goes on to say that the sketchy tweets of O’Connor’s that Cyrus pointed out are “two years old” and were “posted by me when I was unwell and seeking help.” O’Connor also says that Cyrus’ equivocation of her and Amanda Bynes mocks both women “for having suffered with mental health issues and having sought help.” She then throws a bit of her own shade at Cyrus, saying the singer will “yourself one day suffer” from mental illness, “without doubt. The course you have set yourself upon can only end in that.”


Ever the flippant self-promoter, Cyrus has already responded that she doesn’t have time to deal with O’Connor “cause [sic] Im hosting & performing on SNL this week.” She did, however, extend an offer to meet with the singer to talk things over. O'Connor says she's not interested.

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