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Now science tries to explain, ruin Spiderman

It’s a well-known fact that science ruins everything. No, really: Google it. And “everything” includes “blockbuster summer superhero movies.” O’Neal is still griping about that report that ruined Batman just weeks ahead of The Dark Knight Rises release. And now science has taken to task another superhero summer flick, though one admittedly less-beloved by A.V. Club readers (to the tune of a B- community grade): Spiderman. The below video works out what would really have to happen for Spiderman to attain all of those doing whatever a spider can abilities and then proves that said abilities are all pretty unlikely anyway. It’s like that time an old Neil deGrasse Tyson article messed with the understanding of that episode of Lost just when it was all figured out. [via The High Definite]

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