Following a trail blazed by only Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, NeoTV, CoStar, Wii, Xbox, and the George Foreman Lean Mean Original Content Streaming Machine, the innovators at Sony are creating their own set-top box to stream digital content to your television.

Called PlayStation TV, the new device is similar to all those other devices on the market, in that it allows you to stream movies, TV, and music to your television (though Sony hasn’t yet announced which streaming services and apps will be supported). But Sony is hoping to stand out with its focus on games, as the device will also let users “stream games from their own PlayStation 4,” from any room. The device will also stream games via the PlayStation Now cloud service.

For a glimpse of how PSTV will be received, look no further than Japan, where the device was released last year to warm reviews—and disappointing sales. Still, Sony is hoping American audiences clear a space for PlayStation TV among the pile of streaming devices already littering their TV cabinets and hearts.