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Despite actually predating the creation of the famous Lego minifigure by a few years, Playmobil has always been—in America, at least—an also-ran in the “weird European toys” market. That’s going to change soon, though, because Playmobil is breaking away from its brick-based competitor by getting its own big-screen animated movie. Good luck doing that, Lego!


According to Variety, the project is being masterminded by Monsters Vs. Aliens’ Bob Persichetti as well as French production companies ON Entertainment and Wild Bunch. The “creative team” behind Wild Bunch’s upcoming adaptation of The Little Prince will also be involved. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like any of these people created Clone High, so it remains to be seen how well they’ll be able to turn this toy into a movie.

Of course, the first paragraph established that—in the universe of this Newswire—we’re pretending The Lego Movie doesn’t exist, so that joke doesn’t make sense. But, since we already brought it up, we’ll point out that Variety notes that Playmobil has a “significant advantage of attracting both boys and girls” thanks to its wide-ranging themes and “30 different play worlds.” Maybe that means the Playmobil movie can outdo The Lego Movie by actually having more than two female characters.

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