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Now Neil Cicierega is out to ruin Weezer with “Say It Ain’t SoCal”

April and May 2014 will go down in Internet (or at least A.V. Club) history as the Spring Of Cicierega. The evil genius who recently unleashed Mouth Sounds and Crocodile Chop on an unsuspecting online public is back and still determined to undermine ‘90s nostalgia with “Say It Ain’t SoCal.” The song combines two of Weezer’s most overplayed, Guitar Hero-friendly  hits, “Say It Ain’t So” and “Beverly Hills,” to create a mashup that Cicierega describes simply as “How to ruin a good Weezer song (no Smash Mouth).” See, he’s not a complete sadist.

“Say It Ain’t SoCal” isn’t available for download yet, but it is streaming on Cicierega’s Tumblr page.


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