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Now MTV’s Scream is getting an aftershow as well

Scream (Photo: MTV)
Scream (Photo: MTV)

Unfortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), AMC’s laboratory full of Chris Hardwick clones has yet to ripen to maturity, and someone else will have to host MTV’s new post-Scream chat show, Scream After Dark. That someone else will be actor Jeffery Self, whose resume includes a notable number of parodies, including the Looking parody Not Looking and Funny Or Die’s Game Of Thrones comedic recap series Gay Of Thrones (which is hilarious, by the way).


The show will air periodically throughout the second season of Scream, which HitFix says has been a reliable source for ratings for the otherwise struggling network. Well, live aftershow chat programs seem to be quite popular these days, so maybe this’ll give MTV an additional boost. On that note, here’s a list of some potential aftershows we can’t believe networks are just leaving on the table:


Shout Outcast (also works for Outlander)

WWE Monday Night Jaw

RuPaul’s Gab Race

Blabber Of None (see also: Bob’s Blabbers)

Chat-ish (see also: Orphan Chat)

Locution For You

Interruption (airs during commercial breaks of Intervention)

Awkward. Conversation

Pennin’ Dreadful (that’s more of a recap thing, but you get it)

Anyway, making puns based on TV shows is fun. MTV’s Scream and its actual, extant aftershow will debut on May 30.