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Now moviegoers will be able to see Anchorman 2 a couple of days earlier

Ron Burgundy is getting a head start on classing up theaters. Paramount has decided to move Anchorman 2’s release date up two days, from Friday, Dec. 20 to Wednesday, Dec. 18. The move is driven by the studio’s desire to get a jump on a busy weekend at the theaters, where Burgundy and company will go up against American Hustle, Mary Poppins pic Saving Mr. Banks, and the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llwelyn Davis. Fox’s kid-centric Walking With Dinosaurs opens that same weekend as well. A number of other big movies, including The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, open on Christmas Day.

Paramount also announced that the new Friday The 13thmovie will terrify theaters beginning on March 13, 2015.


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