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Now Lifeforce is becoming a TV show

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Remember Lifeforce? You know, director Tobe Hooper's 1985 sci-fi horror follow-up to Poltergeist starring Steve Railsback and Patrick Stewart? No? Well then, you're like most people. But if you did happen to see it, then you most likely remember it, because that was some non-forgettable stuff. It's not just that it's about space vampires who invade Earth and suck people's essence out through their mouths in a torrent of light and energy, though that was pretty out there at the time. (Now it's just, like, whatever's on ABC on Tuesday night.) And it wasn't even the tone, which—with its breakneck speed, gobbledy-gook cosmic exposition and overall Anglophilia—felt more like a a 1960s Hammer Film Production like Quatermass And The Pit than it did like anything that Hollywood was producing at the time. It was the nudity. Specifically, it was 19-year-old French film actress Mathilda May, as an undead extraterrestrial, naked constantly for the entire movie. Just because. You probably would not have forgotten that.


Anyway, that movie—or, to be more precise, Colin Wilson's 1967 novel The Space Vampires—is being turned into a TV series. As well as a graphic novel, a video games and some other media components to be unleashed upon humanity in due time. Seeing as how supernatural-tinged preludes to inevitable human extinction are the new attractive single people living in impossibly nice Manhattan apartments, this decision seems to make a lot of sense.

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