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Once more, television has renewed its commitment to making sure the sign in Hollywood reading “__ Days Without A New Comic Book Adaptation” always has a “zero” slat on it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary TV and producer Matt Tolmach are adapting Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s dystopian comic series Lazarus for television.


The comic tells the story of a future world in which 16 extremely wealthy families rule, a patently ridiculous idea that we all know is stupid, because that is way less than the 1 percent of wealthy individuals who actually run things. Each family is protected by a Lazarus, or unkillable genetically engineered being who “uses force and deception” to keep both the family’s interests and their persons safe. The story follows Forever Carlyle, a particular Lazarus whose name would seem sillier if we didn’t live in a world where the names North West and Pilot Inspektor Lee are not cause for removing children from their parents.

Rucka will write the pilot and produce the show along with Lark and Tolmach, which is hopefully a good thing for the anticipation of quality, considering Rucka is a five-time Eisner winner. (Plus, The A.V. Club is really enjoying where the Lazarus book has been going lately.) Of course, Tolmach is also responsible for producing The Amazing Spider-Man franchise at Sony, because into every comic adaptation a little poorly-thought-out rain must fall. Not that Rucka should be considered infallible—he was executive producer on the movie adaptation of his book Whiteout, a film that literally starts with the words “Antarctica: the coldest, most isolated place on Earth.” So get ready for a Lazarus show that tries to helpfully inform the viewer of things like what brand of shoes the characters are wearing, or maybe when the lease on Forever Carlyle’s apartment needs to be renewed.

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