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Judy Sheindlin is an unlikely television mogul, the human embodiment of a skeptically raised eyebrow that has spun impartial judgement and extremely partial screaming into huge ratings and a budding televisual justice system. And her influence looks like it’ll continue to grow, barring any further hammer-based violence and/or any additional outbursts from you, Mr. Ricketts: The Wrap reports that CBS is set to air the special Judge Judy Primetime on May 20. The special takes Judge Sheindlin out of her normal daytime environments and deposits her in the daytime of primetime, that sleepy period of May after most ongoing shows have ended, but it’s still a sweeps period, so you have to air something. (So it might as well be the type of background TV typically available only to the underemployed, the collegiate loafer, and the stuck-in-a-waiting-room-because-of-a-muffler-that’s-too-expensive-hey-maybe-they-have-a-case-for-Judge Judy!) The special will feature Sheindlin’s signature refusal to confuse hot urine for a spring’s precipitation, along with excerpts from the judge’s pair of 60 Minutes profiles. Morley Safer must think he’s a stealthy butcher in the 60 Minutes clip below—he’s clearly trying to sneak some bologna past Judge Judy.


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