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Save for the fine reboot movie and the intermittent good stuff in the recent ABC show, Disney has never really known what to do with The Muppets. Frank Oz said it’s because he thinks the company doesn’t understand the “true rebellion and true affection” that drives the characters, but either way, the mouse people are going to take another crack at it with a “shortform unscripted series” on the Disney+ streaming service. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says the show will be about “startling silliness and heartfelt fun,” with the Muppets appearing alongside celebrity guests.


Oddly enough, THR makes it sound like this show—which is called Muppets Now—is not the previously rumored Muppet show that Disney has been supposedly working on, which we heard about back in February and which apparently involves Josh Gad. A premiere date for Muppets Now was not released and we don’t know much else about it, but here are some intriguing details that we have confirmed: The pig is in love with the frog, the guy with the big nose is in love with a regular chicken, and the two guys in the balcony would love nothing more than a little peace and quiet.

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