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Now it's Conan's turn to relentlessly bully Succession's Cousin Greg

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Screenshot: Conan (YouTube)

Conan O’Brien’s clearly a fan of HBO’s caustic, hilarious Succession. In a new sketch that’s funny in a way these kinds of celebrity bits usually aren’t, the host aggressively browbeats the show’s Nicholas Braun, who plays the daffy yet cunning Cousin Greg, when the actor asks to be his new sidekick. Is Matthew Macfadyen watching? Because, holy hell, Conan’s putting out some serious Tom Wambsgan vibes.

Conan eventually comes around to mentoring Braun, but only after the pair spar over the correct pronunciation of Billy “William” Crudup and consider a new catchphrase: “Conan went there!” Soon, Braun’s fending off the machinations of Andy Richter and getting tasked with procuring cocaine “for a sketch.”


“I’m gonna get the best fuckin’ coke,” he declares in a line that’s even funnier when you consider it was an actual plot line on this season of Succession. If only Jesse Armstrong and the writers had had Greg’s dealer also be named “Bagger Vance.”

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