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Now it’s time for a game called The CW renews Whose Line Is It Anyway?

This game is for Ryan, Colin, Wayne, Aisha, and the bank accounts of Dan Patterson and Mark Levson: After it wraps its first 12-episode summer run, The CW’s revived version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? will return for a second, 24-episode season. CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed the show’s renewal ahead of his network’s day at the TCA press tour, telling The Hollywood Reporter that a successful second season could launch further comedy efforts from The CW. At press time, network scientists have presumably woken the latest batch of coiffured-and-cut CW clones and placed them in front of a pair of foam pool noodles and some oversized, shaggy mop pads with the hope that their undoubtedly suggestive riffing will birth the next generation of CW programming. (Watch for Big Floppy Penis Guy And The Sheepdog Twins in the fall of 2014.)


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