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Now It’s Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenny will appear on The Mindy Project

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We’re not sure what’s going on between The Mindy Project and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but it’s clearly something. Glenn Howerton—It’s Always Sunny’s Dennis—had a recurring role last season as a lawyer that Mindy dated for a while, and now Rob McElhenny—It’s Always Sunny’s Mac—is going to appear in the show’s upcoming third season. This comes via E! Online, which reports that McElhenny will play Lou Tookers, the cousin of Ike Barinholtz’s wacky nurse Morgan. McElhenny’s character is apparently described as a “sunburnt criminal type, hot but sleazy,” which probably indicates that he’s going to get into some ill-advised shenanigans with Mindy’s character, furthering this mysterious connection the two shows seem to have.

If Mindy’s relationship problems continue as they probably will for the entirety of the series, maybe this means Charlie Day and Danny DeVito will show up at some point as a pair of creepy roommates who eat cat food to fall asleep at night. Then they can meet up with Howerton and McElhenny’s characters, and then maybe move to Philedelphia. At the end of the season, we’ll find out that the two shows exist within the same universe, because everything has to exist within the same universe as something else these days.

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