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Now, in this final installment of the year's best meme trilogy, Jonathan Frakes tells you you're right

Photo: David Livingston (Getty Images)

Jonathan Frakes likely didn’t begin 2019 thinking his 20-year old, three-season hosting stint on Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction would get rebooted as one of the year’s best memes, but here we are. The series, which spun supernatural stories before telling you whether they, in fact, happened or not, returned in a recent supercut of Frakes smugly telling us foolish, gullible mortals that he and the producers had “made this one up.” Now, another enterprising denizen of the online masses is spinning things on a more positive note.

Viewers, allow Frakes to quell your existential anguish by telling you that, for once in your goddamned life, you were right.

This clip puts a cap on what’s got to be the year’s best meme trilogy, which also included this glorious supercut of Frakes unloading a litany of strange, spooky questions, sometimes while cruising through his shadowy, smoke-filled lair on a mountain bike.


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