Need For Speed

Are the Lonely Island guys just making up their new movie as they go along? We’ve known the project was in the works since August, but just last week they released a teaser poster for the boy band parody film that said “We’re shooting the shit out of this movie” and offered the title as Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie. Then, earlier today, we reported that the movie’s official title will be Conner4real and that Tim Meadows will be in it. At the very least, why didn’t they tell us the title last week? Is it because they just thought of it? And if they had already started filming, why hadn’t they cast Tim Meadows by the time they made that announcement?

This is all starting to look like some kind of vaguely nefarious conspiracy, especially since actors are still being considered for major roles. Case in point, The Wrap says Imogen Poots is currently “in talks” to play the love interest of Andy Samberg’s lead character (the Conner of Conner4real). If they’re really shooting the shit out of this movie, why hadn’t they cast someone to play Samberg’s love interest yet?


Also, Imogen Poots is English, and most of the crop circles in the ’70s appeared in England. Are the two things related? And does this have anything to do with the Lonely Island movie? Maybe.