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Now Iggy Pop wants to be your caterpillar in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

Adding to its ensemble of fantastical creatures who shouldn’t realistically exist, Once Upon A Time has booked Iggy Pop for its upcoming spinoff Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, giving the punk legend and enchanted shoe leather his biggest regular TV role since The Adventures Of Pete And Pete. Although, a more apt comparison might be his role as baby Donald Rumsfeld on Lil’ Bush: As on that show, Pop will mostly be heard and not seen, lending his appropriately smoke-and-opiate-cured voice to the character of the hookah-puffing Caterpillar. Pop inherits the part from another shirt-averse rock star, The Who’s Roger Daltrey, who played the Caterpillar in Once Upon A Time’s Wonderland episode, but was unavailable to return for the full-time gig. Fortunately Pop is already well-versed in guiding visitors through strange and unsettling lands, having formerly been the tour director for Butt Town.


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