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Now Google Glass wearers can listen to music while they look nerdy

In an attempt to make Glass seem even a little bit hip or cool, Google is launching a set of music-related applications for the wearable technology. Wearers will now be able to verbally ask the glasses to search for songs, scroll through playlists, and play music via Play, Google’s media hub that’s still not iTunes. Glass wearers are already able to identify songs playing nearby with Sound Search, a program similar to Shazam or SoundHound.

Ed Sanders, director of marketing for Google Glass, says the new features are perfect whether you’re a “classical music professor, an acclaimed sound engineer and hip-hop producer, or someone who wants to listen to their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.” It’s also perfect for the guy who raps loudly to himself on the bus, as well as for spaced-out EDM heads who want to live in a virtual light show.


While Google Glass doesn’t have headphones attached, the company is launching a new set of earbuds later this month. Those will run you about $85—which seems like a lot for something you can get anywhere for $5. But considering the glasses themselves cost $1,500, the price point probably isn’t that insane.

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