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For our money, there are few social media pleasures more immediately satisfying than taking a minute out of your day to yell at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. For good reason, too: As the man in charge of one of the most prolific and potentially powerful conversation platforms on the planet, Dorsey has a lot of responsibility in his hands, authority he tends to use exclusively in the crafting of elaborate explanations and equivocations for how his company’s self-created rules tie his hands from, say, banning Alex Jones from constantly beshitting the platform. (Give-or-take a measly week-long ban, at least.)

But now, those fun-loving conservatives in Congress have decided that the rest of us don’t get to hog all the “Fuck you, @jack” fun for ourselves. Deadline reports that Dorsey has been called to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the same folks who cheerfully grilled Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year in an inadvertent effort to make him seem vaguely sympathetic in comparison to human charisma void Ted Cruz.


At least the line of questioning will probably be a nice change of pace for Dorsey, since the House Reps will presumably be asking him about the same stuff they asked Zuckerberg, i.e., whether Twitter has a liberal bias that silences right-wing voices. (Dear Congress: You could probably answer this one for yourself with a quick stroll through the mentions of any semi-famous woman who openly labels herself as a feminist.) This image of him now being attacked from both sides is almost enough to elicit a brief moment of sympathy for Dorsey, or at least raise the question of whether it’s ever a good idea to make it easier for human beings to communicate with each other in the first place.

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