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When casting for a Steve Jobs biopic, you can take a handful of different roads. You could hire someone just because they look a little bit like the Apple mastermind from the right angle, or maybe you could hire someone who already has experience playing a genius billionaire who dresses up in a silly costume and beats up criminals at night. If the rumors are to be believed, Sony’s long-in-the-works Aaron Sorkin-penned version of the Steve Jobs story might actually check off both of those boxes by casting Christian Bale in the lead role.


This comes from The Wrap, which has it on good authority from “an individual familiar with the project” that David Fincher has said he’ll only direct the film (which would reunite him with Sorkin, who wrote The Social Network) if they get Bale as Jobs. Of course, it’s still just a rumor that Fincher is involved at all, so this is far from official. Either way, the world wasn’t too happy with the last Steve Jobs biopic, so if this one does happen, it’ll at least have a more impressive pedigree. Also, like most stories about Steve Jobs’ life, it will most likely leave out the parts where he dressed up in a silly costume and beat up criminals at night.

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