The TARDIS will soon be exempt from free two-day shipping: The Verge reports that Doctor Who and other BBC series are due to disappear from Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service beginning February 15. Readers whose memories stretch back to those turbulent days of January 2015—ah yes, but that seems so many Deflate-Gate thinkpieces ago—may recall that it was Amazon’s streaming rival, Netflix, who was previously poised to renounce British television, pledging its allegiance to the United States of American House Of Cards. However, such reports proved to be false, which is what brings us to Amazon’s own declaration of independence from the British Broadcasting Corporation: As detailed by The Verge, either content owners are exclusively loyal to Amazon, or they’re not welcome in Prime Instant Video’s digital colonies. And so the service will be exclusively without “the majority of BBC programming” by the middle of February. Prime subscribers are invited to maintain their TV Anglophilia by baking Dalek-shaped cookies and stubbornly refusing to call them anything but “biscuits.”