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Now a ticket vendor is suing Fyre Festival, too

Ja Rule (Photo: Getty Images for City Harvest, Nicholas Hunt)

Despite assurances from co-founder Billy McFarland that everything will be fine as long as the employees are okay with not being paid and and they forward all messages from the FBI to the company’s lawyers, things still aren’t looking good for the Fyre Festival. McFarland and fellow co-founder Ja Rule are facing multiple lawsuits already about the botched music festival/alleged pyramid scheme/attempt to create a real-life Hunger Games, and now Billboard is reporting that online ticket vendor Tablelist is throwing another lawsuit onto the pile.

Tablelist is accusing Fyre of failing to refund even “a penny” to its displeased customers, and its looking for $3.5 million it can use to actually pay out the refunds that the people are demanding. The company is a relatively new startup, and it has apparently already had to let go of 40 percent of its staff just so it can focus on this lawsuit and its angry clients. The lawsuit says that Fyre convinced Tablelist that the event would be “well-organized and well-funded,” prompting Tablelist to fight hard to win the ticketing vendor contract. But Fyre hasn’t paid back any of the ticket money since canceling the event.


Things may still seem pretty dire for the Fyre people, but as long as a few more employees agree to continue working without any promise that they’ll ever get paid, this should all end up just fine.

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