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Novelty T-shirt to become network sitcom from 2 Broke Girls writer

(Photo: Cbsstore.com)

Because dogs have blogs now, so why not women, Deadline reports that CBS is currently developing a half-hour sitcom, Talk Nerdy To Me, “inspired by” a blog chronicling the personal and professional lives of women in the tech industry. Blessed with the T-shirt ready moniker Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover—although, to be fair, it’s been around since 2009, putting it on the vanguard of the “nerdy” merchandising craze—the blog is edited by Jen Friel and features musings on tech, sex, and the intersection of same (i.e. Tinder).

The last post on Friel’s blog was in July 2014, putting Talk Nerdy To Me as close to catching the zeitgeist as a network sitcom can get. Adding a certain je ne sais dick joke will be 2 Broke Girls writer/producer Morgan Murphy, who is writing the pilot and executive producing with ex-Modern Family EP Bill Wrubel. Murphy’s version revolves around “four smart, ambitious twentysomething women—two computer programmers, a musician and a doctor—who share a house on the canals in Venice, CA, and support one another as they reach for their dreams professionally and personally,” which makes sense because a half-hour of watching someone scroll through a blog would be pretty boring.


Also, Jerry Bruckheimer is involved. Obviously.

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