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Notify your dealer: Planet Earth II comes to the U.S. on February 18

Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II has already been a big hit in the U.K., where the lushly filmed animal documentary nearly beat The Great British Bake-Off in the ratings game. (Followers of British television culture will know that that’s essentially the English TV viewership equivalent of the Super Bowl.) Now, Deadline reports that the BBC has laid out its schedule for the show’s U.S. release, with its premiere being simultaneously broadcast on AMC, Sundance TV, and BBC America on February 18.

Producers for the show also noted that, unlike the original series’ U.S. version—which aired on Discovery, and featured new narration from Sigourney Weaver in an effort to draw in American ears—Planet Earth II will retain the U.K. version’s voiceover, courtesy of legendary British naturalist David Attenborough.

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