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Nothing you add to yesterday’s awkward Trump/Pope photo can make it weirder

Screenshot from the Twitter feed of @meyer_lucas

Yesterday the world received yet another image of people recoiling in horror from Donald Trump. In this case, the unhappy person adjacent to the president happened to be Pope Francis, who, although undoubtedly used to photo ops by now, could not muster up a positive expression as he was forced to pose next to someone who is either evil or stupid, with very little in between.

So while there’s really no way to make that now-famous original photo better or worse, people are determined to try, as Gizmodo points out. It is a bit startling to see how various horror movie figures blend in seamlessly to this auspicious, joyless meeting:


I had to add Vigo. pic.twitter.com/nZ3IKWplzT

— Peter S. Hall (@PeterSHall) May 24, 2017

Really, this horrifying image works for practically anything; other posters inserted Snooki, David S. Pumpkins, even Jar Jar Binks. The Twitter account Seinfeld Current Day added a special twist to this video of the meeting, painting the Pope as a put-upon Larry David who just can’t believe he’s in this position:

But there’s another piece to this puzzle, as Melania Trump’s blank stare may also be interpreted by some as yet another silent cry for help. Or as this meme puts it:


via me.me

[Note: Gizmodo, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]


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