Sons Of Anarchy

Fresh from the extremely dark experience of being punched in the face at a Canadian Denny’s, shock rocker Marilyn Manson has landed another acting role. Rolling Stone reports that Manson is set to take on the character of a hitman in the upcoming indie crime drama Let Me Make You A Martyr. This adds another notch to the acting belt for a musician who has already delighted the world with his turns as a porn-star guy (Lost Highway), a guy who gets the metal ripped from his genitals (Shoot ’Em Up), a white supremacist (Sons Of Anarchy), and his most difficult role to date, Marilyn Manson (Californication).

Let Me Make You A Martyr tells the story of “a pair of adopted siblings who fall in love and devise a plan to kill their abusive father figure.” That father figure will be played by Sons Of Anarchy’s Mark Boone Junior, making the film somewhat of a reunion for Boone and Manson, who had an arc in the series’ last season. (Let Me Make You A Martyr’s lead actor, Niko Nicotera, also appeared on the show.) Manson will play a contract killer named Pope, a task that will require him to fake-murder people, much as he has been fake-shocking music fans for years. The film will also be a good chance for Manson to get any homicidal urges out of his system before he goes on tour with Billy Corgan, an ordeal that might drive anyone to kill.