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Noted scofflaw James Cromwell got arrested again

(Photo: Getty Images For Turner, Alberto E. Rodriguez)

Literally days after spending a week in jail for refusing to pay a fine from a protest at a power plant in New York, lovable rogue James Cromwell has now been arrested at another protest. This time he was at SeaWorld San Diego’s Orca Encounter show with a group of PETA supporters, and according to a press release sent out by PETA itself, they were there to disrupt the act and tell the audience about “the abusement park’s history of premature orca deaths and marine mammal suffering.” We would also like to call attention to PETA’s use of “abusement park,” which isn’t as horrifying as premature orca deaths or marine mammal suffering, but is definitely not good.

PETA streamed the protest on Facebook, because that’s what you do in 2017, and you can see that video below:

Also, it’s worth noting that Cromwell isn’t the first celebrity to get arrest for protesting SeaWorld. Back in 2015, Steve-O got 30 days in jail for climbing up a giant crane to make an anti-SeaWorld statement after he saw Blackfish, but he only actually served eight hours.


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