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Clearly worried that all this online drama, outsized public egotism, and needless divisiveness will distract people from the important things in life—i.e., the life and antics of one Kanye West—the Ye rapper is now attempting to put his foot down to stop the feud between his frequent collaborator Pusha T and Canadian superstar Drake. West sent out a tweet late last night about how “lines were crossed” recently, and while he didn’t name any names, it’s pretty easy to guess that he’s referring to the ongoing war between the two performers, and, more specifically, Pusha’s latest diss-track salvo, “The Story Of Adidon.”


For those of you not up-to-date on the latest beef report, the battle between the two men recently jumped from “Ha ha, we’re having some fun here” levels to “PR statements are now required to be released,” after “Adidon” featured not only an actual image of Drake in blackface as its album art, but also multiple accusations that he has an unacknowledged, unsupported “secret” child. (Crude as it might be, it’s the rare free single that can prompt a sharp uptick in Pornhub searches for the woman in question, a statement on the artistic merits of blackface, and a note of condemnation from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, all in the space of just a few days.)

But no more! That noted unifying figure, Kanye West, has given the final word on this conflict, and, like any good rap feud, we have to assume that that brief-but-stern talking-to is all it’ll take for Drake to walk away and let Pusha T have the final word about every alleged and unpleasant secret in his life.

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