West, mentally measuring the space needed for a tie rack. (Photo credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty)

It’s been all quiet on the Kanye Western Front lately. Almost two weeks have passed since the musician attracted headlines over the release of footage that made Taylor Swift look like a big old liar, and since that’s approximately 17 years in EST (Ego Sating Time), the mercurial artist is hungry for his next fix of attention. Today, that notice is coming in the form of a new interview West conducted with the BBC, in which he announced his latest creative impulse: Wanting to design products and furniture for Ikea.

Perhaps inspired by his visit to Ikea’s home office in Sweden earlier this year, West revealed during a radio interview that he hopes to collaborate with the company on a series of items. “I have to work with Ikea—make furniture for interior design, for architecture,” he said, possibly while lying in bed with other famous people. He specifically cited his desire to create “a minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm,” going so far as to imagine the voice of a sad young student, frustrated by the mass-produced home furnishing giant’s refusal to allow him carte blanche over a new line of products. “Yo Ikea, allow Kanye to create, allow him to make this thing because you know what, I want a bed that he makes, I want a chair that he makes.”


Indeed, who wouldn’t want a bed made by Kanye West? Given the multiple other initiatives he’s expressed plans to launch, all of them involving fields or technology about which West seems largely unknowledgeable, the idea of a hideaway bed made by the rapper-producer is almost reasonable. It’s a better fit than might be apparent at first glance: Ikea is a company that churns out a seemingly endless supply of items, which is exactly what Kanye West does, but with self-aggrandizement. Plus, many of his public statements are so unclear, they essentially qualify as their own language, and will thus sit comfortably alongside Grönkullas and Flärdfulls.