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Not even Supernatural's final season trailer is free of the murder clown menace

We’re starting to wonder if the TV and film trailer business is okay. Because it’s been murder clown-y as hell of late—not just with Pennywises and whatnot, but also Are You Afraid Of The Dark?and now, somehow, the final season trailer for Supernatural. The 15-season TV epic isn’t sporting just any murder-clown, either, but the original deal: JWG, John Wayne Gacy himself. (Or, at least, his malevolent ghost. Supernatural, folks!)

As the trailer itself makes clear, this isn’t even the first time the Winchester boys have faced off against the undead spirit of the infamous Illinois serial killer; they actually fought back in the show’s 14th season, but he was resurrected (or whatever) when the boys finally pissed the show’s version of God off enough to cancel the series for good (Sorry, “start the apocalypse by bringing back a bunch of old baddies,” is what we meant to say.)

Supernatural is gearing up to cap off one of the longest TV runs in recent history, leaving behind a legacy of Kansas fans, emotionally resonant ghost stories, and fan fiction that you absolutely should not read. (Oh, and a Wiki that’ll eat your brain if you give it half a chance.) These wayward sons kick off their final season on October 10.


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