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Not even Emilia Clarke knows how Game Of Thrones will end

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Back in September, HBO programming president Casey Bloys teased that Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were planning to shoot multiple endings for the show so nobody—not even the actors—would know what was going to happen. Still, Jason Momoa seemed to have some ideas, even though his character has been dead for a very long time, and Sophie Turner talked about the “bittersweet” moment of reading the end of the very last script with Benioff and Weiss. If they do know what’s going to happen at the end of the series, they’re apparently not telling Emilia Clarke, who recently mentioned to The Hollywood Reporter that she has no idea who will really end up on the Iron Throne when all of the dragons and/or ice zombies have been killed off.


When asked if she knows how the show will end, Clarke said, “I don’t know that I even do now,” adding that she thinks “they’re filming a bunch of stuff and they’re not telling us” because “I think that they don’t even trust us.” She also adds that she knows “there’s lots of different endings that could happen,” so she expects Benioff and Weiss to just film “all of them.” It still seems hard to believe that nobody on Game Of Thrones has any clue what’s going to happen, unless the show ends with a last-minute twist where one character kills another character (or doesn’t kill another character?) and the whole power-structure of Westeros is completely overturned.

If that doesn’t happen, it seems like someone is integral as Emilia Clarke should be able to make some educated guesses. Either way, we hope the eventual DVD release includes a bunch of alternate takes so we can finally see fan-favorite character Samwell Tarly taking over the world—as all Sams are destined to do.

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